solution for rewinding and unwinding

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  • In industry related to sheet material handling, material rewinding and unrolling is required. (for example: non-woven fabric, paper, plastic packaging, iron and steel, …)

1. Features

  • Motor drives are suitable for efficient and precise control of material tension and have become the standard solution for roll-related applications, providing:
    • Allows running in motor or generator mode, for winding and discharging applications.
    • Reduced operating costs compared to mechanical implementation.
    • Wide and flexible control range.
  • The final tension control solution will depend on the material being processed, speed and diameter range. Low performance systems can rely on open-loop torque prediction while many very sensitive applications require the tension to be closed circuit with feedback received from the tension sensor. Some materials are handled better when running in speed control mode with the tension arm and roll speed adjustment.
  • The all-inclusive “receiver control” software includes all of these features and is very easy to install and incorporate into your machine.

2. Configuring coil collection and discharge using an inverter

  • The collection and discharge control solution software has the following features:
    • All input data is correctly configured.
    • Simple configuration settings for communication help to integrate effectively into the system.
    • Operate in torque or speed control mode.
    • PID output torque or speed where tension is directly measured.
    • The setting and tension feedback signals can be configured according to the analog or communication method.
    • Analog signal output is used to control the setting of the lever (Dancer) through the sensor.
    • Diameters are calculated or measured directly with a resistive ruler.
    • Calculate diameter from speed ratio or from layer counting.
    • Tension compensation for rolling applications.
    • Accurate inertia compensation.
    • Optimum loss compensation function (static and slip).
    • The same software package for both AC & DC ensures user-friendliness.
    • Full manual.
    • Wide selection of communication methods: Profibus-DP, Interbus, DeviceNet, Modbus plus, Modbus, CTNet, Canopen and CAN.

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