Why should use an inverter?

  • The following is the article: “Why should use an inverter?”

1. Engine protection against mechanical wear

  • When starting the engine directly from the grid. The problem of shock and mechanical wear is out of control. The inverter helps to start the engine smoothly, even though the process of starting and stopping the engine takes place continuously, minimizing mechanical wear.

2. Save electricity and protect devices in the same system

  • When starting directly, the starting current is many times larger than the rated current. Increases power consumption. The inverter not only helps to start smoothly, but also makes the starting current lower than the rated current, saving electricity at this time. At the same time, do not cause voltage drop (even damage) to other electrical equipment in the same system. Also for pump loads, fans, air compressors…or other applications where flow/pressure control is required. The inverter will help stop the motor in idle mode, thereby saving maximum power consumption.

3. Technology requirements

  • For applications that need speed synchronization, such as paper, textile, plastic packaging, printing, steel, etc. Or applications that need to control flow or pressure, such as water industry, compressed air … or applications such as cranes shafts, elevators… The use of inverters is inevitable, meeting technology requirements and improving productivity.

4. Increase production productivity

  • For many applications, such as textiles, dyeing, plastics, etc., the use of inverters will increase productivity compared to using direct power, eliminating some cumbersome and inefficient accessories such as pulleys. , turtle motor (auxiliary motor)…
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